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Organic Heirloom Tomatoes in Thailand

We are passionate farmers who are passionate about tomatoes. For 15 years we have been growing and testing heirloom tomatoes in Thailand to find varieties that will thrive in Southeast Asia. Our tomatoes are 100% organic, soil grown, and lovingly tended by hand. Our farm is close enough to Bangkok that we can offer the highest quality farm-to-table heirloom tomatoes daily. We can deliver a "pot pouri" selection of six to nine different varieties, depending on what is ripe and looks good on the days we harvest--perfect for tomato salads. Restaurants and caterers can order on an a la carte basis. We are happy to make our tomatoes available to tomato-lovers who want to enjoy them at home as well. There is a minimum order of 2kg.


Based on our testing and customer feedback over the past year we have reduced the varieties we are growing from 39 down to 12. We have kept the heartiest with the most visual appeal and flavor. We are also testing  14 new varieties that we think will be a good fit for our customers. We will be adding photos and more information about the varieties we are growing on this website soon.

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